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These ram lambs were born in April 2006 and are ready to breed ewes this fall.

Shaltz Farm G19 Goliath Shaltz Farm G19, sired by Shaltz Farm Dusty, was born to our white horned ewe Shaltz Farm Gloria. His horns are particularly nice for his age, and his wool should be exceptionally soft, almost like merino but with a little less crimp.
Shaltz Farm G19
Sorry already sold to Faye Bearss
Genotype: RR (171) AA (136)
Awt/A? B?/Bb SS/S?

Shaltz Farm G23 This young musket ram was also sired by Shaltz Farm Dusty, and his mother was Shaltz Gaea (moorit). His wool should be quite soft, and by the time he's a year old will be mostly white with just a few brown fibers mixed in--a creamy color overall. He does carry moorit, and will produce about 50% moorit lambs when put to moorit ewes. His horns are well clear of his head, and will be quite safe as he grows.
Shaltz Farm G23
Sorry, no long available
Genotype: RR (171) AA (136)
Ag/Aa Bb/Bb SS/S?
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